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I am a former Astrophysicist who is currently working as an Advanced Analyst performing analytics and Data Science for Coverys, a malpractice insurance company.  During my time in astrophysics, I authored 2 first-author research papers and contributed to multiple others.  My research focuses included how magnetic fields impact star formation in the galaxy, identifying false positives in the search for exoplanets, and researching how false positives could be minimized in future surveys for exoplanets.

After receiving my Masters's degree and analyzing future career paths, I decided to move into the data science realm and began my current job at Coverys.  At Coverys I have played an integral role in building out the Business Analytics Department and have honed my data analytics and data science skills.


Statistical Analysis

Predictive Modeling

Problem Solving

Data Visualization

Data Exploration and Cleaning

Strong Communication Skills

Technical & Scientific Writing

Data Pipeline Creation

Advanced Analyst

​2015 - Present


I am extremely proud of the contributions I provided to Coverys and the Business Analytics Department.  I joined shortly after the Department was created and helped build out the capabilities it has today.  My primary responsibility initially was to provide analyses of malpractice claims data for internal and external clients.  However, during my time my position evolved to include:

  • Development and management of department and enterprise-wide Tableau dashboards.

  • Introducing automation through R, Alteryx, and Tableau Prep for report creation.  Results included reducing one report's production time from two days down to 30 seconds.

  • Overseeing the adoption of a previously unused Tableau Server instance, increasing usage from 0 to over 270 interactors within one year.

  • Using my prior research experience to design and implement a peer review process for analytic and modeling projects.

  • Creating and maintaining data pipelines for enterprise and project-specific data sources.

  • Co-leading the enterprise predictive modeling initiative which produced the first internal predictive models to gauge insured risk.

  • Evaluating and providing recommendations for potential software solutions and external data sources.

  • Conducting interviews and providing recommendations on candidates for department openings.

  • Helping mentor Northeastern Co-op students.



Graduate Research Assistant
Penn State Center for Exoplanets and Habitable Worlds

​2012 - 2015


After college, I enrolled in the Ph.D. program at Penn State in Astronomy and Astrophysics.  During my time at Penn State, I worked for Dr. Suvrath Mahadevan in the Center for Exoplanets and Habitable Worlds.  My research centered on the methods used to detect exoplanets, the identification of false positives, and ways to mitigate those false-positive results.  My work and some results included: 

  • Overhauling a software package to automate data cleansing and reduce overhead resulting in a 10x increase in efficiency.

  • Analyzing satellite observations of the sun and Venus to simulate detecting Venus from another solar system.

  • Analyzing satellite observations of the sun to determine what wavelengths have the lowest potential for false-positive detections of exoplanets.  This resulted in my second first-author published research paper.

  • Helped write successful applications for telescope time and additional funding for research projects.

  • Analyzed Sloan Digital Sky Survey observations of Kepler Objects of Interest and identified false-positive results.



Course Instructor
Penn State Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics

​Summer 2014


I was given the opportunity to serve as an instructor for a Summer 2014 offering of Astro 1: The Astronomical Universe at Penn State's main campus.  In this role I:

  • Created the lesson plan for the course.

  • Developed lecture presentations, homework, and exams for the class.

  • Managed, taught, and accommodated the needs of 26 undergraduate students.

  • Was recognized for receiving excellent feedback for a first-time instructor by the Department Chair.



Undergraduate Research Assistant
Boston University Institute for Astrophysical Research

​2009 - 2012


During my undergraduate education, I served as a research assistant for the Galactic Plane Infrared Polarization Survey (GPIPS) working under Professor Dan Clemens.  In addition to working on the main survey, I also performed my own research on the strength of the magnetic field in the interstellar medium which resulted in my first first-authored published research paper.  My work included:

  • Performing data reduction, analysis, and quality checks of survey data.

  • Performed the actual survey observations at the Perkins telescope at Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, AZ.

  • Designed an automated software package to combine data from multiple astronomical surveys, perform statistical analysis, and derive scientific results.

  • Presented results of my magnetic field research at two professional conferences.

  • Was the first undergraduate in the Institute's 14-year history to publish his research and was recognized for exceptional research and contributions to the Astronomy Department.

Primary Languages





Other Experience







Tableau Prep


M.S. Astronomy and Astrophysics
Penn State University

​2012 - 2015


B.A. Astronomy and Physics 
Magna Cum Laude with Honors and Distinction
Mathematics Minor
Boston University

​2008 - 2012


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