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My Work

While my current work cannot be shared due to the nature of the work and data, below I share some of my previous work in Astrophysics as well as some personal projects.  I am working on expanding this to better reflect my current work and skills.

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While in Graduate school, I worked on a team that was developing an instrument to detect planets around other stars.  As part of that work, I used satellite observations of our own Sun in order to quantify how a star's physical nature could fool us while searching for these planets.



My research during my Undergraduate days was part of an Astronomical Survey to measure the magnetic field orientation within our galaxy.  As part of that, I worked on a project that turned these measurements into estimated magnetic field strengths.  This produced the first magnetic field mapping and shed some insight into how the magnetic field affects star formation.  This was part of my first published paper.


An Oldie Solidworks Project

One of the joys I've found in my career has been in communicating results and developing visualizations.  One of the programs I've used is Solidworks.  To the right, I show an animation of a model I put together.  In it, I reproduced a model of a Model T which mechanically worked the same as the real model.
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